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What’s Included


24/7 Experienced Caretaker who assists with cleaning and sanitizing living spaces,

preparing meals and snacks, reminding you to take your medication responsibly,

assisting with changing fajas and clothing, checking vital signs when needed, plus



All your healthy meals, snacks and beverages are cooked fresh and included in your

stay. Breakfast typically includes a continental style breakfast, lunch is typically a light

meal such as a sandwich, salad or soup. Dinner is typically a hot meal such as a

protein, a carb and a side of veggies. Fruit and snacks are available throughout the day.


The following 3 rides are included in your stay! 1 pickup from discharge after surgery, 1

post op appointment, and 1 final drop off to your doctor's office or a destination in Zona Rio Tijuana. Border

crossing available at additional charge of $90 each way.


Your garments/fajas are washed daily, it is recommended to bring 2 garments to

interchange while washing/drying. Black garments are highly recommended.


You will have access to free Wi-Fi in the home, don't forget your earphones, iPad or

laptop for entertainment  Each room is equip with Netflix for your enjoyment.


The amazing thing about recovering at Dollhouse is the support you receive from all the

women in the home! We promote an incredibly positive friends and family atmosphere

in the home. You can rely on staff and other dolls in the home for emotional support

because we are all in this together! You are not alone.


What’s Not Included

Overnight Guests:

At Dollhouse Recovery Home in Tijuana, we are happy to accommodate female

overnight guests at an additional charge of $100 per night. (Based on availability)

This fee includes room and board plus meals, snacks and beverages. Guests

will not be attended to by caretakers and will not receive a call button.

Unfortunately, male Guests are not allowed.


At Dollhouse Recovery Home in Tijuana, the privacy and peace of mind of our

guests is of the upmost importance to us, and because Dollhouse Recovery Tijuana

is a shared living space, unfortunately visitors are not permitted inside the home.

You are more than welcome to visit with your loved ones off site, however

transportation is not provided.


We DO NOT provide transportation for personal errands, shopping, or any other

non-surgery related errands you will need to arrange your own Uber/Taxi to do so.

We DO NOT provide transportation to massages at clinics.

We DO NOT drive your personal car/rental under any circumstances. If you choose

to bring your car, you are responsible for all tolls, gas, parking fees and/or

facilitation of the safety of your vehicle.

Pickup FROM Tijuana Airport is not included.

Transportation to/from Massages at your clinic are NOT included.


At Dollhouse Recovery Home in Tijuana provides 3 meals/snacks/beverages and

we operate similar to a hotel’s room service. We are not a full-service restaurant

and we stock a limited amount of ingredients to prepare meals. Any additional food

requests outside of items stocked in the house will need to be paid for by the guest.

Electrolyte drinks, sports drinks, protein shakes, and soda is not included.

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